I had a lot of ideas about how to make new forms of carbon, and how they could be used. Carbon Man is my creation, along with Carbon Girl and Carbo, and designed to be a nice easy way to introduce the multitude of ideas for carbon based weapons, armour, buildings and structures, transport, clothes, body adornment, energy production, sensing and probably more areas. Basically all the stuff you need for a superhero. I do occasionally get asked by film and play writers for ideas, and if they want to make a film based on this one day, Carbon Girl has some really sexy kit.

The ideas are designed to be feasible given the expected progress in engineering. An organisation with sufficient time and resource should be able to make any of the things, potentially using the techniques I suggest. ‘Artistic license’ is kept to a minimum. It is meant to be as real as possible.

Some uses of carbon will be military, some civil, some both. I am well aware that some people prefer not to think about the nastier side of life, so I also created a separate sister blog to discuss potential non-military uses. It is at http://carbondevices.com/

Most of my futurologist day job has nothing to do with carbon. Some of my early posts related to carbon are on that too, but most are non-carbon. It is at http://timeguide.wordpress.com/

The main sponsor company for carbondevices.com is called Futurizon. It is currently registered in both Switzerland (as Futurizon GmbH) and in the UK (as Futurizon Limited). Futurizon started as a speaker agency and absorbed most of my professional activities when I married its owner. Now that Futurizon and I have fully merged, they share the website http://www.futurizon.com. Since I do all the futurology for futurizon and write all the sister blogs above, they are all basically different parts of the same brain.

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